Every day new schools and new venues sign up to be a Drop Off location.

Please check from SEPTEMBER 2017

Drop off sites include:

1. Archway Market 



After the TOYS have been donated The TOY Project will collect them all from around the borough and will begin to sort them in to groups ready for their new homes. Many of the small characters, cars, houses etc go to support children receiving bereavement play therapy.  Larger Noisy and bulky toys usually go to the children's wards in hospitals. Baby toys are sorted for the Pram depot for new families in need.  Many TOYS stay in the borough being re homed in to schools, nurseries, children in care, vulnerable families, after school clubs etc. 

Some TOYS leave the borough and support organisations up and down the country. Toys have recently left the country too and have been given to children's homes, schools and centres for the disabled in Grenada in the Caribbean. In addition to us giving toys away we also package up your donations beautifully to sell in order to keep the charity going and to buy specialist TOYS for those that need them.

If you would like to be a drop off site to receive TOY donations or would like more information on how to take part please do email or call up to find out how you can support.

We look forward to working with you!


Now in it's 3rd year The BIG IZ TOY GIVE is bigger and better and donating your unwanted TOYS is easy!                                                               

You can donate TOYS throughout the  month of October  in schools, restaurants, shops, pubs, theatres and hospitals in Islington. Organisations taking part in the BIG IZ TOY Give will be displaying a logo or a poster in their window showing that they are happy to collect  your new and used unwanted TOYS for us. 


'The Big IZ Toy Give' was started by Jane Garfield, co founder of The TOY Project.
'The BIG IZ TOY Give' is working towards The London Borough of Islington being the first borough in the world to recycle all of it's children's toys by giving them to children who need them.

You can donate all types of TOYS that are complete and are in good condition.

Books and clothes are not accepted.